About us

Thomas G. Mayo, owner/operator of Metric Motors, Inc., loved working on motors since before he learned to drive. As a youth, he built several speedboats, fiberglass kayaks, repaired outboard motors, and rebuilt many engines just because he was curious about how they worked and how he could maximize performance. The first engine he rebuilt was a 1965 Datsun 1500 Roadster; he also rebuilt the transmission on that car. After attending college in New York, he worked at the Mercedes Benz/Nissan dealership in Norwell, MA where most of his European and Asian training was accomplished. The son of a surgeon, Tom has always expected his work to be similar to his father's: artful, precise, clean, and timely.

The first Metric Motors was started as a single bay at a Volkswagon dealership in Weymouth, MA on Route 3 in 1980. Subsequently, Tom owned and operated a classic/exotic car museum and under-21 club in Somerset, MA.  While sales were of some interest to Tom at one time, and he has held a used car sales license in the past, he gave that up because his personal interest is more in line with engineering than sales. He is passionate about accurate diagnosis and repair and rigorously keeps up with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This is why he can truly attest that he solves problems no one else can.